The Scientific Center of Aragats

The scientific center of Aragats, located on the slope of Mount Aragats, at an altitude of 1700-1750 meters above the sea level, above the villages of Orgov and Teher, was build in 1970 as a reference center for aerial measurements.

Today, the scientific center is registered by the “National Body of Standardization and Metrology” CJSC.

The four upgraded standards (GEPI-0.25, GEPI-0.5, GEPI-4 and GEPI-2), which are located in the Scinetific Center of Aragats, in a free space with a complex relief of several kilometers, are now a national standard of the Republic of Armenia.

Especially in recent years, the scientific center with its ROD-54/2.6 radio-optical telescope has been the center of the attention of both locals and foreigners as an exclusive historical –scientific tourist place.

The Scientific Center of Aragats, occupying an area of 82.3 hectares, stands out for its unique landscape: lush foliage, including fruit trees, birds enjoying their free flight, multi-colored sunsets merging with the rugged Armenian mountains, fresh air, and all this seems to be perfectly completed with the impressive view of Teher Monastery complex, which can be seen from the scientific center.

Thus, the Scientific Center of Aragats is a wonderful open-air museum of science, history, culture and nature.


The company has a special procedure for granting access:

  • It is necessary to send a letter on your behalf to the official email address ( at least 3 working days before your visit,
  • Present the purpose of the visit in detail,
  • Attach the complete list of visitors and the copies of everyone’s identity documents,
  • Attach the payment receipt ("AMIO Bank" CJSC, A/N 1150012490810100, please make sure when making the payment, the payer's name, surname, the purpose of the visit should mentioned. The full name of the company, "National Body of Standards and Metrology" CJSC, should be filled in correctly in the "Recipient" field, * it is necessary to send a copy of the payer's identity document).


According to the order in force in the “National Body of Standardization and Metrology” CJSC:

Entrance fee for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia:

  • Up to 7 years old – free
  • Over 7 years old:
  •   -  One-time entrance fee - 1 200 AMD/including VAT/
  •   -  Entrance fee for the week - 5 500 AMD/including VAT/

Entrance fee for the foreigners:

  • Up to 7 years old –free
  • Over 7 years old:
  •     -  One-time entrance fee – 1500 AMD /including VAT/,

The pricelist for the shooting:

  • For the wedding shooting - 45000 (forty-five thousand) AMD /including VAT/,
  • For the film and video clip shooting: a day - 50000 (fifty thousand) AMD /including VAT/, in case of long-term shooting - contractual,
  • For the photo shoots visit for one person costs 15000 (fifteen thousand) AMD /including VAT/, in case of long-term photo shoots – it is contractual.

* Accompanying person with professional skills and relevant experience in the field: 30000 (thirty thousand) AMD /including VAT/.

After the above-mentioned procedure, in case of receiving permission to enter the scientific center, while visiting it is necessary to present the letter of permission, list of the visitors and identification documents in the guard post, and then only you can enter the scientific center.

When entering the territory of the scientific center and staying in the territory, the visitors are accompanied by the security workers of the “National Body of Standardization and Metrology” CJSC.

Visitors of the Scientific Center of Aragats, without any exception, are not allowed to enter the southern tunnel and the interior of the bowl of the radio-optical telescope due to the need to maintain security.


Visiting hours: 10:00 a.m. -19:00 p.m. for the whole week.